Sword and Spell for Hire


Tabris is a tall, handsome, and athletic human, with shaggy blond hair and piercing blue eyes that glitter with a hint of mischief. He wears a Chain Shirt of exceptional quality and is dressed in well worn adventurer’s clothing consisting of leather boots, pants, and long sleeve shirt. A Greatsword is strapped to his back at all times, sheathed in a massive scabbard. Tabris is brash and cocky and exudes a confident air. He is also a consummate ladies’ man, and little can stop him from flirting with any attractive female he happens across.


Tabris grew up in the village of Longacre in Cheliax and showed a natural talent for magic from a young age, but preferred learning swordplay to locking himself away in a Wizard’s tower or going to an arcane academy. Eventually, he would come to blend the two normally separate practices together into an amalgamation of skills, forming an arcane bond with his favorite sword and focusing his talents into spells that would supplement his martial combat skills. His carefree attitude and natural attractiveness made him popular with the girls of Longacre, and he broke many a heart when he decided to leave and take up a life of adventuring. Eventually, he would find himself in the Chellish port of Corentyn doing odd jobs as a mercenary and hired hand to support his hedonistic lifestyle. The latest such job has him tasked with escorting valuable cargo to Eleder onboard the Jenivere. Tabris goes wherever his whims take him however, so once his current task is completed, no one knows for certain what he’ll end up doing next.


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