Port Peril

Port Peril is the largest port in the Shackles. It is situated on the mainland, rather than on one of the outlying islands, on the edge of the Terwa Uplands and overlooking Jeopardy Bay.

The city is protected by walls, and the stronghold of Fort Hazard. All manner of vices can be found in its twisting streets, and its busy markets thrive on the sale of stolen goods. Rumour has it that the plunder from decades of piracy is hidden in sea caves beneath the city.

Port Peril is one of the main halfling settlements in the Inner Sea Region. Here halfling pirates and brigadiers roam the seas freely, many having fought for their freedom from slavery from their previous owners. Halfling captains may offer halflings on captured ships the bloody choice: become slaves again or turn on their current masters and join the captain’s crew as pirates with full rights and equality.

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Port Peril

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