The Chelish city of Corentyn is located on the far southwestern tip of the country. Founded as a military outpost, the Arch of Aroden forms the western border of the city, and a 50 foot high limestone wall continues on around the northern and eastern landward sides. Also known as Port Indomitable and the City of Nine Forts, Corentyn has survived dozens of wars, and remains a major trade center and military outpost in the new, infernal Cheliax of House Thrune.

Corentyn is one of the main halfling settlements in the Inner Sea Region where they dominate the city’s crime and are known for their hard work in the city’s docks and shipyards. These elements have gained the race more respect in Corentyn than halflings get in other parts of Cheliax.

The only large temple in Coretyn is naturally dedicated to Asmodeus, and is located in the High quarter. Most gods, however, have at least a pocket of believers in Corentyn. Several including Erastil, Abadar, Iomedae, Torag, Milani, and Aroden still have organized groups of worshippers. As Corentyn was a pilgrimage site for Aroden worship for thousands of years, even his death has not changed the popular culture that grew up around his worship in Corentyn. Many of the local superstitions and sayings can be traced back to Aroden.

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