The common calendar of the land is the Absalom Reconing.

The current month is Neth.

Gozran, 4708
1 The Jenivere leaves Magnimar.
Desnus, 4708
1 The Jenivere continues sailing south.
Sarenith, 4708
1 The Jenivere continues sailing south.
Erastus, 4708
15 (Moonday) The Jenivere enters Desperation Bay.
16 (Toilday) Awake on beach. Set up temporary camp. Scavenge the wrecked Jenivere.
17 (Wealday) Built a secure campsite and established duties.
18 (Oathday) Explored the beaches to the west and the Tattooed Lady.Found dimorphodon nests on the cliffs.
19 (Fireday) Explored surrounding jungle to the west and encountered venomous snakes.
20 (Starday) Captured baby Dimorphodon. Explored northeastern coastline.
21 (Sunday) Continued exploration of northeastern coastline and the Golden Bow. Savage humans attacked camp late at night.
22 (Moonday) Moved the camp. Discovered a temporary shelter identified as the Captain’s & Ieana’s.
23 (Toilday) Established base camp and followed the Captain’s trail south to a river. Discovered and harvested viper nettle berries for Aerys.
24 (Wealday) Followed the trail and explored south of the new camp. Located and explored the Brine Demon & Bloody Doll. A fierce storm rages through the night.
25 (Oathday) Cleaned up from the storm and trained with Sasha and Jask.
26 (Fireday) Explore area west and north of camp. Camp attacked by 3 dimorphodons this evening.
27 (Starday) Rested in camp for the whole day to recover ability loss.
28 (Sunday) Explored south. Located new sheltered cove with river mouth.
29 (Moonday) Relocated camp to new cove.
30 (Toilday) Explored south and located an old campsite and a well travelled trail. Followed trail a short distance before returning to camp.
Arodus, 4708
1 (Wealday) Explored beach south of camp and returned.
2 (Oathday) Explored area west of camp. Encountered spider lair.
3 (Fireday) Meet new castaways. Move camp to forked trail area. Question captured savage.
4 (Starday) Travel trails southwest and native ambush.
5 (Sunday) Discover Thrunefang camp & defeat cannibals.
6 (Moonday) Send Gajeel to move camp. Explore caves.
7 (Toilday) Cave survivors wait for help. Camp move in progress.
8 (Wealday) Rescue operation conducted. Nylithati slain. Clues gathered from caves.
9 (Oathday) Forage for potion components. Lighthouse repair started (will take 8 days).
10 (Fireday) Travel to the red mountain & temple ruins. Defeat Yarzoth (Ieana).
11 (Starday) Destroy evil altar in ancient temple and examine clues. Return to camp.
12 (Sunday) Travel north to explore shipwrecks along coast and seek out the Nightvoice. Find the Nightvoice wrecked on strange fungal island in late afternoon and explore it.
13 (Moonday) Leave Nightvoice to explore pillar of rock. Defeat fungus fiend and return to camp.
14 (Toilday) Train with Gelik.
15 (Wealday) Find out about treasure map from Isharou. Prepare for expedition.
16 (Oathday) Travel across island.
17 (Fireday) Travel across island. Rest in old camp.
18 (Starday) Discover treasure site and recover treasure. Rest in old camp.
20 (Sunday) Return to base camp and discover it empty.
21 (Moonday) Rowboat with a fellow castaway rows to shore and anounces rescue. Storm approaches.
23 (Toilday) Arrive in Eleder and settle in for some rest.
Lamashan, 4708
19 (Toilday) Freemen revolt and burn warehouse.
20 (Wealday) Find Nkechi & complete Challenge of Water
21 (Oathday) Complete Challenge of Wind.
22 (Fireday) Return to Eleder with Nkechi.
23 (Starday) Depart Eleder.
29 (Fireday) Meet Athyra & pass through F’zumi Salt Mines.
Neth, 4708
2 (Moonday) Roadside cock fight.
4 (Wealday) Arrive at M’wangi village & attend celebration.
5 (Oathday) Defeat chemosits in early morning.
6 (Fireday) Attacked by lions. Bypass ankheg hunting grounds.
7 (Starday) Attacked by lions.
8 (Sunday) Attacked by dire tiger & vultures.
11 (Wealday) Attacked by hired agents in early morning camp.
12 (Oathday) Arrive in Kalabuto. Bathas attacked, horse slain. Meet Cheiton.

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