Bloodcove is one of the few bastions of civilization on the Fever Sea. Bloodcove borders both the trackless Fever Sea and the vast Mwangi Expanse—two huge wildernesses at the very edge of civilization. Its nearest neighbours are hardly much better. To the south there is the former Cheliaxian colony of Sargava, beset on all fronts by its former owner Cheliax, the greedy Shackles pirates who protect it and its own rebellious Mwangi population. To the north lies the pirate haven of the Shackles, an island chain filled with pirates and the remains of whatever cannibalistic society dwelt there before them. Bloodcove is truly a lone bastion of civilization.

Bloodcove is unique in appearance as the entire city is built into and around the roots and trunks of one of the gargantuan mangrove trees that are found only along the Mwangi coast. The whole city is perched atop boardwalks and scaffolding that keep it out of the Fever Sea. The name Bloodcove comes from the reddish colour of the water that pours from the Vanji River into the Fever Sea.

The population of Bloodcove is surprisingly diverse for such an isolated community. Non-humans make up over twenty percent of Bloodcove’s inhabitants. Over half the human population of Bloodcove is of the Mwangi ethnicity. Many come from deeper within the Mwangi Expanse to trade with the outside world, many are just run-of-the-mill pirates. The rest of the human population is made up of various ethnicities most of whom have come to Bloodcove looking to make their fortunes of the rich bounties of the Mwangi Expanse. There are racial tensions between the various ethnicities within Bloodcove but these tensions rarely turn violent.

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