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  • Corentyn

    The Chelish city of Corentyn is located on the far southwestern tip of the country. Founded as a military outpost, the Arch of Aroden forms the western border of the city, and a 50 foot high limestone wall continues on around the northern and eastern …

  • Tabris

    Tabris grew up in the village of Longacre in Cheliax and showed a natural talent for magic from a young age, but preferred learning swordplay to locking himself away in a Wizard's tower or going to an arcane academy. Eventually, he would come to blend the …

  • Gajeel Dragnul

    After spending many years in prison for killing two "respectful" men who raped and murdered his wife and daughter while he was out working at his forge, Gajeel travels the world as a hired shield, protecting those around him at any and all costs.

  • Deenia Paydar

    Deenia was born in a small village near the city of Botosani, Rahadoum on the 5th of Sarenith 4690 to Jaffra and Bita Paydar. They live on the outskirts of the city in a coven of witches whom many seek out for their herbal remedies and non-divine healing …