Vincent is a young human, about 20 years old. He has reddish-blonde hair cut short and spikey, grey eyes and is about 5'10" tall. He wear medium armor and shield, a scimitar at his side and a symbol of Sarenrae on him.



AC: 17
HP: 10
Init: +1

fort: +4
ref: +0
will: +5



Vincent grew up in a merchant’s family, spending time both in Varisia and the Sargava. Early on his Uncle Stannis noticed that, while he was ok at the family business, he had a natural calling to the divine arts similar to himself. He was a cleric of Sarenrae. After Vincent turned 15, Stannis arranged for him to come back to Varisia with him to the high holy temple of Sarenrae and train there to be one of the Sacred Flames. When he finished his studies and training, not too long after his 20th birthday, he set off back to his homeland.


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