A Tall black creature on the Morrow's breath


Nak’Tuul is a fairly tall Tengu. He has all black feathers, with a slight tint of blue. He wears three gold, coin-sized medallions around his wrist and a small ornate stone around his neck.

He boarded in Port Peril, though was not discovered till later.


Al Shizari’s last Ravens
Devastation, ruination, destruction, death. All these words now apply to the remnants of the Black Talon Tengu tribe.

It was a calm summer’s night, and the Warrior Sect had just finished their games for the festival. Rik’Tull had come in first again, and Nak’Tull couldn’t be happier for his brother. Rik’Tull had always shown great strength and speed in the games, to the point some said he may even become the tribe’s Champion. And all of it had certainly not gone to his head.
“Brother you did it again! Surely Gra’Kial will think twice about letting you move the fight to the tree lines again.” Nak’Tull had eyes as wide as dinner plates when it came to his brother.
“Perhaps he will. But remember Nak’Tull, the other fought just as hard as I.” Rik’Tull smiled and turned to the festival, “This is not a victory for I, but a victory for all of the Black Talon!” A thunderous roar came up and Nak’Tull smiled. His sister was about to begin in the Oracle Games and he had a feeling that even with her unwanted spirits haunting her, she would come to claim the gold medallion again this year.
“Do you think Sia’Tull will pull off another devastating victory brother?”
“Of course. Just as you will tonight in the Shadow Games.” Rik’Tull smiled at his brother and handed him a pendant. It showed great luck and skill in the Al Shizari Conspiracy.
“I won’t let you down brother.”
“We bring these games of the Oracle Cast to a opening! May all the contenders be blessed by Irori’s Graceful Gaze!” Alpha Tengu Raal’Ka called the games to a start and it was marvelous, Sia’Tull was obviously the strong choice as she swept the fields in a vicous wind that knocked most of the contenders onto their backs, an instant loss. But few still stood. One of the other Oracles quickly fired lightning into the arena, but Sia’Tull gracefully jumped clear of it, her spirits where obviously in a giving mood. Or’ka, The Alpha Tengu’s son, deflected the lightning and shocked the other Tengu to the ground where he let out a wounded caw of defeat.

Only Or’ka and Sia’Tull remained, and Sia’Tull had a look in her eyes that made it clear who would win. As she rushed forward and lept into the air, Or’ka was shocked and barely had time to get his fiery breath ready when Sia’Tull let her Lightning sigh fall onto him, stunning him just long enough for her to land on his shoulders and force him to the ground.
“Sia’Tull wins again! A glorious Victory!” The Alpha Tengu Let out a loud laugh and awarded the medals. But something was odd… Or’Ka did not stay around to eat and drink, he stalked off with a sinister look in his eyes. Nak’Tull had no time to worry over him though, the Shadow Games where starting. With his late Father’s Wakizashi in his primary left hand, and his late eldest brother’s katana in his right, he was ready to win it.

“The Shadow Games… A long honored tradition of the Black Talon tribe. As we have feather and beaks black as a midnight of the new moon, we have always honed our skills to be swift rogues, silent Ninja, and Marvelous Sorcerer’s. I want it to be known, that no matter who wins tonight, All of the Black Talon rejoice in this festival!” The crowd roared louder as the Alpha Tengu finished his speech.
“Nak’Tull! Catch!” The struggled words of his sister came to him, and he smiled. She always had a hard time talking in public, afraid the spirits would twist her words. She tossed a small black coin to Nak’Tull, a symbol of their family.
“Let the Shadow Games, Begin!”
Nak’Tull took to the trees the instant he heard the starting gong, his shuriken flying and finding their marks. In the shadow games, having your blood drawn was an instant loss, as was being knocked to the ground. Nak’Tull smiled as he took four of his 11 competitors down. One for each conspiracy. he let 6 others fall as he stayed hidden, throwing a clever shuriken or sneaking in a silent blade stroke. but he still had one last enemy to face.

Justin was a fearsome Tengu, that belonged to the Wayward Conspiracy. His human name was from his time in Magnimar as a slave. He was a grand rogue, as well as Nak’Tull’s best friend. But their where no such bonds tonight. Nak’Tull and Justin both needed their third Gold Medallion to join the front lines in the war against the Rakshasa.

In the blink of an eye it was over. Justin disappeared and came up behind Nak’Tull, but he was ready. Nak’Tull whipped around and caught Justin in the beak with his katana, and the shoulder with his Wakizashi. Justin smiled and laughed before hugging his friend tight.
“You are truely amazing Nak’Tull! How did you notice me?”
“Simple, you still stink like the sea friend.” as they walked to the Alpha Tengu, the crowd rushed them, lifting Nak’Tull High into the air. He was given his Third Gold Medallion, affixed to his silver bracelet with the other two.

They dyed his feather’s around his left eye with the marks of a War Rogue. Nak’Tull couldn’t wait to have hundreds of Honor marks from his kills in honor of the tribe. But before they could even begin the feast… It happened.

Some say it was time for change, Other’s can’t say anything anymore.

A horrible sound came from the woods, it was the laughter of the Rakshasa. Never before had they found the Al’ Shizari. several of them came out to attack the Tengu. Nak’Tull dashed forward, trusting the oracles to put a fog on the battle field. As the mystical clouds filled the air, Nak’Tull found oportunity in his concealment. Jumping over a Rakshasa with the head of a Cobra, he quickly put his Wakizashi to work, striking the fiend in his left lung and his spinal colum.

Rik’Tull let loose a glorious battle cry that filled the air with the promise of victory. Nak’Tull saw his brother wielding a large Nodachi with one hand, the other holding a heavy steel shield that was currently crashing into the face of a panther Rakshasa. All the sudden an all too familiar voice sounded.

“What are you fools doing? I lead you straight to my horrid clan and you let them kill you? No more!” Or’Ka spat at a close tiger Rakshasa who then charged Rik’Tull and caught the right side of his face with a vicous swipe of a razor like set of claws.

“Brother!” Nak’Tull was instantly filled with fear and pure rage. Rogues have been taught to control their emotions since there where shadows to hide in. Nak’Tull condemned these teachings in a heartbeat. Letting a shrill cry into the air he picked up the Nodachi and went into a rage most Barbarians would envy. He sliced thru the air, separating the tiger Rakshasa’s head from its body. “Your next Or’Ka! I’ll kill you and bleach your feathers white like the traitor you are!”

He threw the Nodachi and caught Or’Ka in the right Shoulder, then charged forward Wakizashi drawn and ready to slice and dice.
“You fool! How dare you attack a god such as me!” Or’Ka screamed and started opening a horrible gateway to Jaasha, the Al Shizari equivelent of hell. Slowly Oni waltzed thru the gates. Most of them where the things of nightmare. Giant grey Tengu. “Now I will kill you all, save your sister. She shall be my slave for eternity for my disgrace.”

Nak’Tull vomited hard at the sight of the Oni. He locked onto Or’Ka and made a motion of cutting his beak. The greatest insult to a Tengu short of calling him white.
“I’ll kill you. Your feathers are already white as fresh snow, and your heart as dead as your honor.” Nak’Tull gained sudden composure and looked to his brother who laughed and coughed.
“Nak’Tull, may our ancestors grace you this day.” he cawed loudly and the rest of the living members of the Tribe cawed along with him. Raising the pride and strength in Nak’Tull. Justin smiled and raised his thumb at him. It was allegedly a human thing.
Nak’Tull shone with a black light and carved a path thru several Oni, before grabbing Or’Ka by the neck and cutting his eyes out.
“You fool!” Or’Ka threw Nak’Tull into his brother and sister, who was now tending to Rik’Tull. Or’ka started to shine white. “I’ll kill you all!”
“Tull!” Raal’Ka screamed and opened a portal with his last bit of energy under the three Tull’s. They could hear a whisper as they looked around a small island region known as The Shakles. “It is up to you three to save us. You will need more powerful weapons and skills.” Nak’Tull looked around as they where away from the next town. all the three had left was their weapons and armor. Rik’Tull had lost his Nodachi and was left with his Katana.

“Damn it! How are we suppose to save the Al Shizari now?” Sia’Tull was vivid with anger. Eye’s glossy with tears. It was clear that she had doubt. But she was far better than Nak’Tull who was holding his head and rocking back and forth. Muttering a single word over and over again. ‘No.’

“Sia’Tull! You and me need to snap Nak’Tull out of this if we are going to survive the first night. We have fathers pendant and I know where the Tengu enclave is. They should give us shelter.” Rik’Tull embraced his younger brother, who then burst into tears and clung tightly to him.
“Their all dead… All of them. I couldn’t stop Or’Ka in time! My feathers are no longer black…” Nak’Tull cried harder until his sister slapped him across the face.
“Don’t you get it Nak’Tull? We can change their fates. But we have to get it together!” Nak’Tull looked up at her and then took a deep breath.
“Sister mine. I am sorry for my weakness. Let us head to the South Tengu enclave. Justin had friends there that know much about powerful artifacts.” Nak’Tull rose and set off to the Town. Sia’Tull and Rik’Tull looked at one another then set off after their brother.

Season’s change, people die, and hero’s are born.

After walking for a day straight, the Tull reached the south Tengu Enclave. Upon arrival they where looked at as strangers. Nak’Tull was now scared that all of them where out to get them. The way they eyed there coin purses made him keep a hand on his weapons. They came to the Rogue Quarters and headed in.

“Well, well, well… What have we here? Three little lost Al Shizari? Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you and take those fine weapons.” The voice came from everywhere and nowhere. But Nak’Tull swallowed his fear and spoke up.
“We are the three remaining Tull. Our Father once ruled all of the Al Shizari and helped the enclaves to gain their freedom from slavery. Would you disgrace the honor of Ni’Tull the Valiant?” Nak’Tull held up his pendant which was the sign of Ni’Tull.
“Well I’ll be a human. You really are his kin…” a short and somewhat fat Tengu dropped from the high rafters and landed with the grace of a feather. “I am Al’Il. How can I help you three?”
“We need a room for a while, and also the help of the North, South, and West Enclaves. We are 3 of the remaining 4 Al Shizari. The 4th has gone white with dishonor and seeks to enslave all Tengu.”
“How do I know I can trust you hmm? It’s not like you where friends with anyone from here. Though Justin did join the Al Shizari. Where you his friend I’d help.” Nak’Tull thought and then raised his thumb at Al’Il. The sign Justin always showed him. “Ha! I guess you where truely close to him. Fine I’ll shelter you. But the Tengu won’t align behind anyone unless you have some serious power. I suggest the three of you scour the earth for artifacts. Come with me.” Al’Il led them to three fairly nice rooms and smiled. he then bowed and vanished. the three nodded at each other and went into their rooms to get much needed rest.

Nak’Tull woke in the middle of the night to Sia’Tull’s knocking.
“Come in sister mine.” she walked in, fear and anger on her face.
“Brother, I am leaving the folds of the Oracles. I am to become a Sorceress. Then I can truly help our mission.” she sat at the foot of his bed.
“What? Why sister? You know we have the bloodline of shadows.” Nak’Tull was concerned but Sia’Tull shook her head and smiled before drawing her hood up.
“I am aware. In fact, I am counting on that. Farewell brother mine. Please do not let Rik’Tull know.” she embraced her brother tight and he her, then she walked away into the darkness. Nak’Tull felt his heart grow heavy and as she left he whispered into the echo of her foot steps.
“I give you my honor, I’ll protect this desicion.” Nak’Tull forced himself back to sleep.

The next morning, Nak’Tull was woken by Rik’Tull bursting into his room.
“Nak’Tull get up! Sia’Tull is missing!” He was obviously worried and fearful.
“No she isn’t. She left to train. She is safe do not worry for her brother.”
“Where did she go? This is so unlike her.”
“I can’t say. I gave my word I wouldn’t tell you.”
“She abbandoned the way of the Oracle didn’t she?”
“Yes Brother. As was her choice. I suggest you go to the Fighters Quarter and train there. We will meet back here in 10 years brother.” Nak’Tull looked out the window, almost able to hear Rik’Tull’s heart breaking.
“You’re right. Fair thee well brother mine. May you be victorious.” Rik’Tull slammed the door shut hard enough to shake the room and stormed away from the Rogues Quarter with heavy foot falls.
“I see the three Tull are going to try the ‘Divide and Conquer’ method, hmm?” Al’Il stood in the doorway with breakfast. “Here I brought food and a plan.” He smiled and handed Nak’Tull the food and a piece of paper.
“What is the Jenivere?” Nak’Tull looked at Al’il and tilted his head.
“A ship bound for Sargava. It would be a good place to go to find work. Maybe join a adventuring party eh?” Al’Il smiled and gave Nak’Tull a small medallion that had the insignia of the Rogues Quarters on it.
“Thank you Al’Il. You’ve been a great help.”
“Don’t mention it kid.” Al’Il walked away and Nak’Tull gathered his items then left thru the window. Running on the tops of building till he got to the port. He hid in the crowd that was boarding the ship and snuck into the lower decks. Hiding out so he could avoid spending what precious few coins he had.

The Sea is a unkind monster content only with death

The ship rolled and turned in the storm, Nak’Tull fearful for his Life. He heard ropes snapping and decided he would rather be found out as a stowaway then die. He went to the upper decks and ran up the mast, re-tying the ropes that had broken. As he worked as fast as he could he heard the captain shouting at him what to do. He followed orders blindly and soon the storm had passed.

“See men? This is why we always have a Tengu on board!” The captain smiled and waved for Nak’Tull to come down. As he climbed to the deck a sailor pointed something out.
“Sir we have no records of a Tengu on board once we left the Shackles.” The captain stopped and growled.
“Then who the hell is this? Are you a stowaway Tengu?” Nak’Tull walked up to the captain and put a finger in his chest.
“Yes I am Sir. But may I ask you this? Where would you and your crew be if it weren’t for me just saving our collective asses?” The captain, a large muscular human man, laughed and clapped Nak’Tull on the shoulders firmly.
“How right you are. And what a sharp tongue you have. You are welcome on my ship son.”
“My name is Nak’Tull.” The Captain nodded and smiled at him, then pointed off the bow of the ship.
“Let us make way to Sargava! And bring Nak’Tull some wine and show him to my table. He dines with me tonight. Surely you want a proper meal after the two weeks you’ve stayed hidden?” Nak’Tull smiled and nodded fighting back tears.

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