Marillion Swift

The half-human bastard of an Elven Diplomat


Tall slender well dressed man with dark hair and sharp features. Walks with confidence and looks around as if he is analyzing everything.


Marillion was the product of an Elven Wizard Ambassador from the Spires (Hermantius) and a Lords daughter (Mi-le-a) short lived love affair. After Marillion was born his father struggled on the “right” thing to do. He did not want to shame himself by bringing home a 1/2 human bastard son, but he did not want to sweep his “mistake” under the rug and pretend it did not happen either. In the end, Hermantius decided to swallow his shame and bring the child home. The Elven court did not approve and the fathers actions and relieved him of his honored position but decreed that the child was the victim and would not be punished. They enrolled Marillion into the traditional Elven school of magic (after he proved incapable of firing a bow or swinging a sword). During his time in school Marillion was constantly scolded and told “you are doing this incorrectly”…. He never could understand what the big issue was; some things came to him naturally and some did not. Like most 1/2 Human children Marillion outgrew his classmates (in size and maturity) and ended up being a constant reminder of why “Elves and Humans should not mix” On Marilliions 18th name-day he was summoned to the Elven counsel and told "Marillion, you are neither man or elf, but both and neither. We have taught you what we can of your elven heritage in the short time we have had with you, but you will never fully understand our ways because it takes centuries… centuries that your human blood has stolen from you. So, it has been decided that you will finish your training and perhaps find comfort in your short life finishing your learning with your human cousins. We wish you well on your journey (he was not “forced” to leave, but the message was clear… you are not wanted here. Hermantius did not want to leave his unfortunate child to fend for himself so he asked his human friend Harmon Swift, the magister of Eleder to apprentice the boy and Harmon took him in without question. Marillion excelled under Harmon’s teaching. He eagarly obsorbed every bit of knowlege and found a place to belong. Marillion adopted the last name “Swift” (wither permission of Harmon) to show his affection and fit in in his new home.

Marillion Swift

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