Adventerous, Courageous, Fun-loving, Optimistic


Lynis is a tanned half-elf of average height, and despite years in the field, is a little on the slender side. He has unruly towheaded (blond) hair and amber eyes full of life. He doesn’t like to sit still, and would rather be where the fun is than not. Self trained in the bow, he carries his trusty compound longbow around with him, and arrows that are slightly heavier than normal, decked out in light leather armor to allow his dexterous form freedom of movement.

Current Condition:

Attitude: Helpful
Morale: Hopeful
Services Offered: Guard



Lynis is an adopted child that grew up in farmland. He was treated well, but still had to help out on the farm with the adults and some other children. He doesn’t know what happened to his real parents, but his foster parents treated him well enough that it didn’t cross his mind to look into it.
Though he had a pleasant, yet work-filled life, he often yearned for something bigger and better; he always had dreams of finding treasure and saving the world from dragons, and would often act out such roles with the other children when they weren’t working in the fields.

He started to carry around his “lucky shovel”, and got in trouble numerous times for attempting to dig holes in the farm to look for buried treasure. When he reached his teenage years, he decided to head out and explore the world to fulfill his fantasies he had as a child that he never outgrew.

Lynis boarded in Port Peril, since he had heard tales of pirates and treasure hunting in that area. Though he hadn’t found much, he still wishes to go on adventures, explore the world, and have a grand time while doing it


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