Fukumiya Satomi


Satomi (sato "wise, mi “beautiful”) Fukumiya (fuku “good fortune/wealthy”, miya “shrine”)


Satomi spent most of her youth alone in the enormous, sprawling city of Goka, relying mainly on her natural charm and dexterity supplemented by her unusual ability to manipulate small fragments of time. She began as a street urchin, committing petty theft and telling tall tales for coin, but she quickly discovered a knack for fitting in with high-class society and impressing them with her stories, parlor tricks, and fast talk. Long enamored of the artistic and aesthetic trappings of high society but lacking refinement and noble blood, Satomi chose to live on the fringes and established a “respectable face” as a dealer in art objects and other unique and exotic goods. The business, though, served mainly as a means of collecting and showing off artwork, while her real profits came through using her contacts at all levels of society to act as an underworld liaison, discreetly arranging transactions that couldn’t be filled in Goka’s tightly-regulated market and navigating the higher levels of the Undermarket to retrieve items lost by clients unwilling to soil their hands in such a place.

Satomi thrived for some time in this environment, becoming familiar with some of the many foreigners living in or passing through Goka and intensely curious about their art and artifacts until she finally decided to buy passage on a ship to the continents to the west to seek the advanced fame and fortune that could only come from entering the field herself. Since then she has roamed the Inner Sea, making her way from Cassomir to Corentyn. Having heard tales of the exotic riches to be found in Sargava and the Mwangi Expanse, and having no other enticing leads by the time her patience with the oppressive Chelish finally ran out (and vice versa), she hastily liquidated most of the assets she had left and boarded a ship for Eleder, taking with her a few of her most treasured personal effects and a cargo of gemstones and boullion which she planned to use to hire adventurers and finance an expeditionary company once she reached Eleder.


Satomi appears to be a short, thin, and very attractive young Tian woman with light-tan skin, narrow, almond-shaped sky blue eyes and waist-length, straight black hair which she wears in a variety of styles. She usually holds a colorful paper fan, which she is prone to gesticulating with when she’s talking about something she’s passionate about.

In both forms, Satomi prefers rich, comfortable clothing of the types often worn by rich merchants and minor nobility, especially favoring the silk kimono worn by those in her homeland. Her personal weapon and armor are of the finest craftsmanship and specially decorated to be as pleasing to look at as they are effective to wield; though she isn’t too proud to wear pragmatic clothing when the need arises, she strives to be fashionable in every situation. Satomi never travels anywhere without a set of fine clothing and the accessories to back it up.


Satomi is, at first blush, an exotic merchant or perhaps some sort of noble, given the way she dresses and the ease with which she puts on the air of dignified inscrutability most Westerners expect of such. Those not taken in by her very exoticness, such as some adventurers, or those who become familiar with her will likely notice that her delicate grace hides a sharp sense of humor and a surprising amount of confidence, bordering on foolhardiness. Her habit of adopting whatever mannerisms she thinks will get her ahead in a given social context can make her seem obsequious and two-faced, and she is an incurable practical jokester, but she is actually extremely loyal to those she respects; she thinks of her time thief abilities as a gift from Daikitsu and takes her profession as an art dealer seriously, in spite of how she behaves most of the time.

Fukumiya Satomi

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