Captain Avret Kinkarian


Captain Kinkarian appears in undeath as a nearly skeletal form, his bare bones picked clean by the fish and crabs, yet he still wears his dripping coat and tricorn hat. One of his hands is a gleaming metal hook, and his whole insubstantial form constantly drips with cold, brackish seawater.


The Brine Demon sailed Desperation Bay and the southern Arcadian Ocean for many years, taking part in various nefarious deeds and schemes, not the least of which was a protection racket off the coast of Sargava that involved several mid-ranking government officials. Never a highly regarded member of the Free Captains of the Shackles, Captain Kinkarian had a soft side that few of his crew knew about—he was deeply in love with a beautiful half-elven woman named Aeshamara. In fact, on his final fateful voyage, he’d accumulated enough treasure that he could finally present her with the life he wanted to give her, yet in procuring that last bit of treasure he enraged the Sargavan navy. Fleeing their ships, Captain Kinkarian risked everything in a desperate attempt to throw off pursuit by sailing around Smuggler’s Shiv. While this tactic did indeed force his pursuers to break off the chase, the dangerous currents seized the Brine Demon and drew the ship toward the Shiv’s cutting edge. Faced with an imminent wreck, the crew mutinied. Captain Kinkarian fought the fear-maddened crew off as best he could, killing several before he was forced to retreat to his cabin and barricade himself within—but not before he took several mortal wounds. Desperate to gaze upon Aeshamara’s beauty one last time before he died, the dying captain struggled across his cabin to retrieve a locket containing her picture from a hidden coffer, yet he died a heartbeat after he laid his hand upon the coffer and a heartbeat before the Brine Demon wrecked upon the Shiv.

Captain Avret Kinkarian

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