Bathas Wintershield


A man of Shoanti descent, he has long dark blond hair and blue eyes. He stands nearly 6 feet tall and has a muscular but still agile looking build. The beard stubble on his face and his generally plain clothing gives him a slightly uncivilized feel. Still, he bears the look of an accomplished fighter, and not one you would want to cross.

In ‘safe’ settings, Bathas wears only a gladius and his chain shirt. However in battle, he’s known to use all manner of weapons.


Bathas was born in the Shackles to a poor Shoanti family. His father was once a Shoanti warrior named Kher Wintershield, who taught him the basics of combat even when he was just a young child. His father never spoke of how they came to be in the Shackles, though he was told never to give his family name to anyone. When asked about it, his father always said that he would learn when he was older. Bathas always suspected that his family was hiding from someone.

This was confirmed when Bathas was nearly 10 years old. His parents told him to hide one day when a stranger arrived at their home. There was a hollow spot in the roof that Bathas would often climb up to, and it was there that he chose to hide. He could see the entire scene unfold below him. A warrior dressed in chainmail and bearing a flaming greatsword strode into their home. His face was hidden by a cowl, though Bathas could see on his right arm was the tattoo of a silver serpent. The strange warrior slaughtered his mother and father without mercy as Bathas was helpless to do anything but watch the horrifying scene.

Since then, Bathas had to fend for himself. He had a natural talent for combat, and also an innate magical power that even Bathas or his family did not understand. Turning his power to help him survive, he started out serving under a trapper, skinning animals and selling the pelts. He also learned the ways of archery.

When he grew to 14, he gave up the trade of trapping and entered the brutal underground fighting pits of the Shackles. There he learned several new weapons from mundane hammers and blades to the exotic, such as the net, the trident and several others.

It was at this time that he also came to chance upon his trademark weapon: the ripsaw glaive. It was a weapon being sold by a gnomish trader and upon seeing the weapon, Bathas felt an unusual connection with it. Spending his earned money on it, he began to train with the glaive. He discovered rather early on that he had the ability to channel electrical energy through the weapon. This would be his weapon of choice.

The crowds of the pits were equally pleased by the brutal weapon, and Bathas earned himself the title “The Rending Storm.” He would leave the bodies of shredded foes in his wake, and became one of the most feared pit fighters.

On his 18th birthday, he left the pits with a new goal. To seek out the man with the silver serpent tattoo and avenge the death of his family. He once again took his true family name, Wintershield and began to use it, in hopes that he would draw the assassin to him. Let him come, he would be ready.

To pay his way through his travels, he became a sellsword. He is no stranger to combat or adventure, and fears little.

Bathas Wintershield

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