Serpent's Skull

The First Days on the Shiv

Erastus 17-19, 4708

It is so good to be free of the shackles. Nethys has blessed me and even though some may see doom in our situation, it has provided be with great hope. Not only did Tabris give me the keys to my bindings but no one has questioned why I was in them to begin with. At first I got a few dubious looks, but once I started using the magic granted by Nethys to tend to their injuries and illnesses they seemed to accept me more. Of all places, fortune would have it that we wrecked on the Shiv. Rumor has it that the Brine Demon wrecked on these shores. The Captain of that ship was known to extort favors and pay from corrupt officials so perhaps I can find proof of their corruption on the ship. This would clear my name and expose those that are truely guilty. Then perhaps I can return to my family and live as a free man once more. It has been many years since I went into hiding. At every turn I was looking over my shoulder and I had thought that they had given up, but just as I let my guard down that bounty hunter found me in Corentyn and shipped me off to Eleder to be imprisoned.

I have taken to my new duties with joy. It feels good to have the magic Nethys provides manifest itself in beneficial ways. I must use caution though for his teachings tell of its dual nature and how it can turn on you to cause harm as well. I have stayed in camp the past few days while some of the other passengers go out to scout our surroundings. Tales of this island are numerous and they are none too pleasant. So far though, we have not encountered anything harmful other than the disease-carrying insect swarms and curious wildlife. I have been able to provide water and along with Vincent’s help we have tended to everyone’s ailments. More than enough food has been found by our hunters and we have a secure shelter. Things are looking pretty good for now.

The scouting party has explored the area to the west of us. They report that we seem to be on a peninsula and they have seen more of the island across the bay to the south. The shores are lined by high cliffs and access to the interior is limited. Apparently our location is one of the only places to easily access the jungle. One day upon the scouting party’s arrival a dimorphodon got a little too curious and got into our food stores. The creature was slain which was a shame, but I guess we couldn’t have it taking the food which we so desperately need. I have seen these creatures tamed and used by tribes in Sargava and the Mwangi. Sasha took an immediate interest in the creature and asked Tabris to retrieve her a chick to train. I guess she has skill in training animals. Tabris said they had seen a few nests while scouting and would try to get her one. I hope he doesn’t hurt himself trying to impress her. The scouts had little to report other than the description of where we were. They did find a shipwreck but it had little on it. They also ran afoul of some vipers in the jungle but luckily no one was serously hurt. I grew up in jungles like these but I suppose many of these folks are from the city and not used to the dangers they present.

Hopefully the scouts will come up with something more in the next few days. Till then I guess I’ll lay down my quill and tend to my other duties.

Jask Derindi



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