Serpent's Skull

On the Jenivere

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...

Erastus 15, 4708

It has been 104 days since the Jenivere set sail from Magnimar. Along the way we stop at our usual ports to deliver passengers and merchandise, and pick up more destined for another port further down the coast. This trip will be rather profitable as I have taken on a large number of passengers. I’m not sure what the reason is but many of them are heading all the way to Eleder. As we enter Desperation Bay, I know that the end of the trip is nearing its end and I imagine what I can do with these profits. Perhaps I can fix up the ship a bit more and spend some time relaxing before making my return trip back up the coast.

Ieana, Gelik, and Kaeliros all boarded in Magnimar and have been on board the entire trip. Ieana intrigues me with her silent stares. She is a beauty to behold for sure. She has become more withdrawn to her cabin as we approach our destination, but every time we talk I am drawn to her angelic voice. I suppose my only fear of the trip ending is that I shall not see her again, unless perhaps I could win her favor and have her stay aboard with me. As much as I love the sea, I may even give it up just to be with her f that was her desire.

Further down the coast in Corentyn, I picked up Tabris and a prisoner named Jask. I’m not sure what Jask’s crimes were but he was loaded on board and I was given instructions to keep him secure until we reached Eleder. There he would be handed over to a man named Corvis. Jask remains relatively silent, except the times I hear him in prayer to Nethys, and I have instructed the passengers not to approach his room. The crew members that I post as guard never report any problems from him.

Apparently we picked up another passenger in Corentyn that I was not aware of. A Garundi girl named Deenia was found stowed away on the ship after we left port. I was tempted to put her off with the Mantis guilds in Ilizmagorti but she produced good coin and said that she was only hiding so that her father would not make her return. I guess I’m getting soft in my old age. She may well regret not staying home after suffering the heat and dangers of Sargava.

In Ilizmagorti I picked up an attractive lady named Sasha and a Shoanti man named Hurskan. I have no idea what the Shoanti was doing among those islands, but Sasha has the mark of the mantis on her shoulder and she seems very distrustful of the Shoanti. So far they have not caused any problems on the ship and I hope it stays that way for the next couple days.

I picked up a couple more passengers in Port Peril, Aerys and Lynis. The first thing Aerys did coming aboard was pound one of my men into the deck. He was in the infirmary for a couple days after that incedent. First Mate Devers said that the crewman had it coming to him though. Apparently he was making lewd comments to the lady and she did not take kindly to it. Devers said that the crewman had been troublesome but since the incedent he is walking a fine line and avoids Aerys the few times she is out of her room. She seems to be brooding some sorrows in her cabin for I smell rum and occassionally hear sobs when passing her room. I have not been able to find out much about Lynis yet, though he is a rather odd lad carrying that shovel around. I don’t know where he plans to dig while we are at sea.

In Bloodcove I picked up a Tian man named Ishirou. He is definately far from home and I don’t see many of his kind. He has remained very quiet and spends much time top deck looking at the sea.

In Senghor, Rambar spent some time visiting his family. After our short stay there he joined us once more. I was secretly hoping he would stay so I could hire a better cook. However, he doesn’t require alot of coin and his food fills the stomache, so I can’t compalain too much.

Now I must be off to see if I can catch Ieana. She will often meet me in the hallway outside her room as I make my rounds. I hope this is not just coincidence.

Captain Alizandru Kovack



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