Serpent's Skull

Marillion's view point

Journal entry 1. The quest begins

Master Harmon, as I am not in the habit of journaling and consider the idea of a journal practical, yet a bit childish, so I have decided to keep a log for your records in case the worst happens to me and by some miraculous event my scribblings find there way back to you.

I have taken your advise and met up with a group of seasoned adventures. I don’t know if this is exactly what I was expecting… they seem more like grave diggers than heroes, but I guess the stories are always more than is to be expected. They do have a good cleric with them so I take this as a good sign… and let’s face it, even with your gentle instruction I probably would not put myself too much in harms way for someone I do not know either…. you just never know how your plans backfire when you get involved. I cannot help but think of the child-king that was saved from a troll only to become a deathlord. Maybe the hero should have let the troll have a snack? ahh, but I digress and I know you do not have the stomach for such things. I will right to you shortly with information I find at this “lizard bitch” temple (as one of the well spoken mercenaries called it). At least they look physically capable which does provide me with a small measure of relief.

With much affection and respect, your pupil
Magister Marillion Swift



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