Serpent's Skull

First Conact

Erastus 20-21, 4708

This place is miserable. I wish I would have died in the wreck but the gods have seen fit to continue punishing me for my misdeeds. The others are angry with me I’m sure. I am angry with myself so how could they not be. I spend my days making and tending to traps I’ve rigged around the camp. It is not much but at least it is something. I guess my contribution is sufficient because no one has complained about it so far and they continue to find enough food to feed us all. If things run scarce though, I’m sure I’ll be the first to be cast out to fend for myself. Perhaps then I can finally find solace in the eternal rest. I fear though that I would not receive the comfort of death in this place. It is rumored that the dead stalk this place eternally and never find peace. This small thing is what keeps me pressing on. I must find a way off here before I meet the end that I deserve, but maybe that is why I’m here – so that I will never have peace.

The exploration group came back with one of those flying reptiles for Sasha today. The way Tabris looks at her leaves little guessing to what he wants. However, he looks that way at Aerys too. He seems at ease with these women. I wish I had the ability he has to approach Aerys in conversation. I would love to talk with her about our mutual experiences and I find her love of the sea fascinating. I do not desire the material aspect as Tabris does, I just wish she would talk to me. However, she has been in an ill mood for a while now and looks to be sick. I hear the others talking about it being due to her not having any drink. Perhaps I could brew up some sake for her, if only I had some rice.

The group came back saying that they found a new spot to move the camp to. I’m not looking forward to a move since that means I’ll have to rig up all new traps and lug all this stuff down the beach. They still have not found any solid information about the Captain or Ieana other that his log book.

Deenia has been friendly to me. She actually wanted me to stand watch with her through the night. She is an interesting woman and seems to look at life differently than others. She has a spark about her and seems to be fearless. We were attacked by a group of savage men. Deenia was quick to respond when I said I heard something and covered the area with her mystical light. The men charged in but Deenia met them head on to defend the camp. I arrived to her side as fast as I could while we yelled for the others to wake. The men slashed Deenia and knocked her unconscious. I think their desire was to eat us based on the things they were yelling. I’m not sure if they thought it was just the two of us since the others were all sleeping in their shelters. I slew two of the men in a desperate attempt to defend my one friend. If it were only me I would have let them have me, but it was for her that I fought. The remaining savage fled into the trees and we were not able to give chase in the unfamiliar surroundings. Tabris and Gajeel stood guard while Jask and Vincent tended to Deenia’s wounds. Fortunately she will be okay but everyone certainly wants to move the camp now since one got away and can report us to any others there may be.




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