Serpent's Skull

Exploring the Jenivere

Erastus 16, 4708

I’m not sure how we are going to fare on this remote island. My dreams of becoming a sailor and Captain of my own ship may very well be crushed before I can get started. I was aware that these were the dangers of the sea but the Jenivere had a good record and I never expected this to happen on such a common voyage. Here I am though, stranded with these other rag-tag passengers. A few of them seem to have it together and we are making a simple quick shelter to get out of this baking sun. I’m overhearing discussions about wanting to go exploring. I agree that this may be our eventual goal, but surely in this heat those idiots would not last long trekking through the thick jungle. I’m just goin to sit tight for now and when the heat drops a little they are talking of attempting to reach the Jenivere on her rocky perch and recover any supplies that can be found. I’ll just stay here though and keep an eye on things. I’m feeling a little irratable and it is hard to concentrate.

Well fortune would have it that the foraging party came back with some supplies. My head aches and I’m feeling a bit ill. I’m finding it troublesome to write due to my hands shaking so I’ll write more later.

It is late at night now. I’m writing by the firelight as I take my turn at watch this evening. My shakes are gone and I’m feeling much better after the bottle of ale that Tabris shared with me from his trip to the ship. I’m afraid I may have drank a little too much and my head is still a little foggy from it, but I’m pretty decent at working through it. Kaeliros was ill this afternoon too but he is in worse shape than me. He was complaining of his head being on fire. Vincent seems to think that he has contracted a disease and is tending to him. Deenia seems to have some skill with potions and labelled a few that were found in the wreckage. They gave one to Kaeliros saying it would cure his illness but that his head would take time to recover. Supposedly this potion cures all sorts of diseases. I wonder if it would work on my addiction.

Speaking of which, I’m afraid that I may have shown my vulnerabilities to Tabris after drinkig a bit too much with him earlier. I broke down wimpering like a little girl about how I didn’t want to have to drink all the time. I hope he doesn’t think me weak now, but perhaps he can help. He has been very friendly to most of the other castaways. He gave Jask the keys to his shackles, which were found in the ship’s wreckage. I’m not sure that was such a good idea. The man claims he is innocent but I better keep an eye on him just in case he tries something. Tabris has also been chatty with that wild Sasha girl. I’m not sure how I feel about that. on one hand I shouldn’t really care and at least he is not pestering me, but on the other hand I do like his attention and he has not seemed to push himself onto me like most of those desperate men do. That’s probably because he is actually cute. Surely he will end up with her, why would he ever find me attractive?

So tomorrow we are going to set up a more permanent camp with the supplies that were recovered from the ship. The expedition ended up being pretty successful by recovering all the gear from our cabin lockers, some food, and all the other supplies. A bunch of people were crowded around a book that they said was the Captain’s Log. Then they started swearing about how he had caused the wreck himself along with that slinky Ieana woman. They said she was behind many things. They ended up finding the cook on the ship and think that it was someone else disguised as him that served us the poisoned food. I don’t see how that is possible, it would have had to be a very good disguise. They also found the first mate dead on board. I guess that we are all that is left. Oh, that reminds me, one of the other passengers did survive and came lumbering down the beach, Gajeel is his name.

Well my shift is almost over so I better go wake my relief and get some sleep for the big day tomorrow. Perhaps I will work on my book a little more, although I’ll probably die before I ever finish the damned thing.

Aerys Mavato



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